You win some, you lose some


None of this is news. One of the paradoxes of technology is that it connects us and isolates us at the same time. We get more, faster, but cannot help wondering if that is always better. We have more to read and more to watch, more to learn and more to transact, more friends and more followers — and yet we can somehow feel less satisfied.

A good food for thought. Technology connects yet isolates people in a peculiar way. Interactions just end up as mere transactions. It is our responsibility to add value to these transactions to make them more meaningful connections.

Awareness & Procrastination

Earlier this month I posted about the types of procrastination and I came across on Leo Babauta’s post on procrastination. He makes a strong case that procrastination is a mindfulness problem. Agreed, Awareness is the essence of procrastination. Being Unaware is mostly the cause for procrastination, but lack of awareness is the cause of failure at anything, be it procrastination or a simple task of buying vegetables. I don’t say this is to undermine the point Leo makes, but to suggest that improving our awareness and being mindful is easily the best step towards a better life, a more happier and a calmer life. Meditation helps with your awareness and spending 20-30 minutes meditating everyday is totally worth. Sadhguru says if you cant dedicate 30 minutes a day to help yourself, nobody can help you.

Builders high


The world built by the Internet is one of convenience. Buy anything without leaving your house. All knowledge is nearby and that’s a lot of knowledge, but don’t worry, everyone is pre-chewing it for you and sharing it in every way possible. They’re sharing that and other interesting moments all day and you’re beginning to believe that these shared moments are close to disposable because you are flooded with them.

You’re fucking swimming in everyone else’s moments, likes, and tweets and during these moments of consumption you are coming to believe that their brief interestingness to others makes it somehow relevant to you and worth your time.

The fact that the frequency of these interesting moments appears to be ever-growing and increasingly easy to find does not change the fact that your attention is finite. Each one you experience, each one you consume, is a moment of your life that you’ve spent forever.

Read the full article at rands. I do get a high from quite a lot of things, may be that’s my problem. I think if I (even you :) ) do one thing, and repeat it for a long time, I definitely would excel. Any ways the point is find your high!


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