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The No List

The No List
When I say no (e.g., conference talk invites, “pick my brain” invitations, jury solicitations), I immediately add my regret to >the No List. I nurture this growing list of no-things, adding category data like dates events would have happened, themes, and date turned down.

Suddenly, I’m making list of cities not seen, airplanes not embarked, and time saved, rather than time taken away. Several >months later, I have a made a substantial something. It’s how I’ve …..

The no list is an interesting idea that I think I should try and put into practice. May be you will be intrigued by the idea too. I am quite sure it will give quite the revelations about oneself and will be a great insight to how our mindset has changed over the time besides, how we have valued my time.

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Jens Voigt's hour record

Crazy Jens voigt rode his bike for an hour yesterday and damn it was a record :). The most loved and admired racer winds up his time on the bike and boy his last effort on the bike was true to his character. The fighter and the entertainer he is, the hour record was a fitting finish to his biking career. I am still mind blown by the fact that at the age of 43 some could ride 51.11kms in an hour. Jens Voigt’s hour record is amongst his career best and will be an inspiration for any cyclist. He will always be remembered and cherished as the best entertainer on the bike.
Wishes to him for a great life ahead.