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More Chrome Extensions..

Just got to stumble upon this Website while i was searching for  Chrome Extensions. If you came here searching for extensions. Just head over here  you will find some popular extensions on chrome. Feel free to tell me how useful the link was for you.

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facebook:- Have you updated?

“Yes I have”, would be your answer if you were living on the edge like me. Well for those who did not get what I am talking about, Facebook  has come up with vanity url for all of us, which got implemented from today. Well i am ranting our here just to say that i have chosen mine and wish you also get one if you haven’t. Just login to your facebook account and you will see the update on your home page. Just select your url and confirm.  Quite simple wasn’t it.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook by clicking here. I also tweet as simplysaru which happens to be my vanity url on facebook, feel free to follow me. Don’t forget to update your blogs and social media sites so that people can identify you quickly.

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