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Well for those who wanted to see how apple tests their iPhones, here is a lot of images to show around the Torture room and how exactly how iPhone undergoes a torture test. It is quite the test that the phones go through before Apple ships them out. I am glad to be buying an Apple.


Mindblowing to read the details, that make the iphone 5s the best phone Apple has made ever. Despite my new iphone 5 (replaced last month), I am too tempted to get the iphone 5s as soon as it launches in India. The review is very elaborate and in depth, As detailed and nerdy as it can get, but the time spent reading it is totally worth it, especially if you like apple and your are a nerd.


Getting disturbed ?

Have you been wondering why the Do not disturb stopped working on your iOS 6 device since Jan 1st 2013 like me? here is why.

Seems like a bug with date settings and guess what? The bug would auto correct itself on 7th Jan. Some sort of an auto corrective programming eh? Till then do it manually folks.

Happy new year folks. Thanks for reading.