Analytics 3d

After reading my review of Analytics Pro, Richard from Codefrontiers sent me a promo code for trying their new app called Analytics3D. Below is a brief opinion of mine after using the app for the past week. A very interesting app approach to view Google analytics data on you iphone or ipad. I must say… Continue reading Analytics 3d

Marco sells the-Magazine to Glenn Fleishman

Marco has been on a roll this year first with the sale of Instapaper to Betaworks(you must try their Dots game) and Now the sale of The Magazine to Glenn Fleishman. InBetween these two changeovers Tumblr(marco was a lead developer and an initial member there) got acquired by Yahoo.

Why does this matter, you ask?, If you use the Instapaper app and/or subscribe to the Magazine like I do, you might be wondering on the future of these apps. Knowing and following Marco over the years since i got the iPhone, i am sure this change will hardly be noticed for you and me. Not to undermine the talent of Glenn here, but Knowing Marco, I am sure he must have found the right person for Magazine and hence the transition.