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Feedly Steals page views

This is atrocious from Feedly. I used to be their customer for over a year until December when I switched to Fever. I am really glad that I switched. As a blogger myself, what motivates me and others to write more and produce quality content on the web is traffic and engagement. If Feedly wants to hijack that and redirect them into their own site, it will be an epic fail for the entire web. Feedly stealing page views is intolerable and they should be stopped. If you are a Feedly user(free/premium) consider supporting the writers than just supporting Feedly alone.


Digg Reader

Impressive as this three-month sprint is, it’s still just a foundation. The really interesting stuff is yet to come. McLaughlin and team’s vision isn’t just to replace Reader, it’s to one-up it for a new era. The biggest problem with RSS has always been THERE IS TOO GODDAMN MUCH RSS OH MY GOD HELP ME I’M DROWNING. Digg wants to use everything at its disposal–from Betaworks tools like Chartbeat and Bit.ly to its own trackers to external social signals to solve that, to find the things that really are important to you.

The Digg team certainly has a shot at cracking that nut; their progress so far is astonishing, and their relentless enthusiasm makes you almost believe they can accomplish anything.

BetaWorks is coming up with Digg Reader.

Waiting to try it out.