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Protecting users from malicious downloads

For the past five years Google has been offering protection to users against websites that attempt to distribute malware via drive-by downloads — that is, infections that harm users’ computers when they simply visit a vulnerable site. The data produced by our systems and published via the Safe Browsing API is used by Google search and browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to warn users who may attempt to visit these dangerous webpages.

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Google and Adobe take on the Open Web and Apple tooo…

A surprising move by Google came across yesterday when Google announced that they would be integrating Adobe’s Flash Platform into the Chromium open source project and Google’s Chrome browser.  This is a move that will be remembered for Google letting down its support for the Open Web. Almost all of Google’s latest products like Google Wave, Google Buzz etc use a lot of the HTML5 functionalities, and they have been a prime reason why Google has been pushing for the HTML5 standards. year now. Despite their interests  and initiatives in the Open Web they have started working with Adobe to integrate it into Google Chrome OS  and the Chrome Browser. This move by Google and Adobe won’t definitely kill the HTML5 standardization across the Web, but will definitely prolong the adoption of HTML5. A month ago when Apple launched its Ipad and made a clear statement of not implementing Adobe Flash for the Ipad just like they did for Iphone, Adobe was cornered to a great extent, but some how they have found a partner in Google which wants to take on Apple’s dictatorship with their devices.  With the Flash support for Android recently and now the Chrome OS and Chromium Browser,  Adobe is all set to take a dominance into the Mobile Web too. Android is second only to Iphone Platform on the Mobile Web usage statistics, and they are really inching forward to be the next market leader. Its a twin advantage for Google, with the Flash support on Chrome. One they get to retain their ad revenues as Google ads require a lot of Flash related content for tracking some type of ads. The prime reason why Google is in a deal with Adobe is to get enough time for them to develop some tracking mechanisms using Open Standards. The second win situation for them is when Android and other mobile devices using Chromium OS start dominating the mobile Web (with the help of Adobe’s Flash), Google will be in command to deny Apple the market leadership and of course Google will get on decide what we see :). The Web scene is getting interesting day after day and all i wish is for a better Web where users are in control and not companies like Google or Adobe or Apple. What do you think is good for us and the Web?