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Growing up

iOS needs to mature to continue to innovate. When that happens, it probably won’t look entirely new, just like another small step forward. It won’t be flashy, and pundits will cry fail, but that’s also how you’ll know Apple is doing something right.

I want iOS to grow up. I want it to act like it’s been around for 6 years and that it knows the score. Iteration like this can reduce the need for skeuomorphism; when people become more familiar with an interface, it can be pared down aesthetically over time. Not necessarily flat, just less.

Very valid and an interesting point of view by Jason. I second him on the navigation between apps needs innovation.His entire article is worth the time. Do read it.


Experiences should be designed

Just read this nice piece by Matt Gemmell on how app experiences need to be designed from ground up rather than just copy from one form factor to the other. I seriously think something like Snap on windows8 would make the iOS a lot more friendlier for the advanced users. Hope the developers at apple take a hint and do something about it.  It is very true when he says “experiences need to be designed” and its not just applicable for Software, it can be applied every where. For example the experience at an apple store or Disneyland is well designed to create delight and keep the customer engaged. Simply put, Experiences if designed to create delight for the target audience is a recipe for success. No matter which industry you belong to you can always make the difference, if the experience is designed and delivered  right.

On a different note any app developer/designer and user experience designer should follow Matt. You should follow Bret Victor as well if you aren’t already. Watch this video  of Bret (Long video but totally worth it) to really appreciate his creative genius and expertise in UX design.