Hi, I am Saru.Thanks for stopping by and checking me out. Born and brought up around Bangalore, I’ve spent my first 2 decades of my life in Hosur. I moved to Chennai for my graduation and have been moving places mostly Chennai, Bangalore, Hosur and Hyderabad. Now I am back to Bangalore and call this my home. This blog is an attempt at expressing myself as a consumer of technology, and about self-help mostly. I would give it a good try to keep it at that, but once in a while, you might find me venture into uncharted territories besides technologies.

These are tags that I think I would tag myself into! Inquisitive, conservative, idiotic(sometimes), adventurous, learner, procrastinator (trying hard to shake it off), Shambavi, Slim, Dark, Indian, Truth (that’s what I seek), Restless, Apple enthusiast, Inspired by Steve Jobs, Eccentric (hopefully like Einstein), Open Source technologies, Open web, Experimenting, Easy going, Cyclist. I am interested in Technology, Cycling, Browsers, all things Apple and ZEN.

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This is my personal blog and all thoughts expressed here are my own and have no relation to my employer. You may find affiliate links on products sometimes which helps make a few bucks to support the creation of the site. If you have something to share with me or need to contact me, feel free to email on Saru at Saru dot me.

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