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Shit happens! Yours truly hospitalised after a crash on the commute on Thursday. This was the least that I expected when things were keeping me busy and I was happy about progress on every aspect. A knee fracture and thumb fracture now looks like a road block to my planned Italy trip and daily work life amidst a happy trial.

Hoping to convert this roadblock to stepping stones of success.

The In-Between – Book Review

I just managed to complete the book The in-between by Jeff Goins and I have to admit, it was enjoyable and thought provoking. It is a book that that I would be happy to recommend to my loved friends and you my dear reader.

Don’t get startled if I say I didn’t read the book, Yeah this was the first book that I managed to complete using Audible app on my iPhone. Audio books were never my thing, I have tried a couple of books and tossed the app out of the phone after two months of no usage. This time it was different. I have to admit the bike commutes to office helped.

The Book is a short yet nice read. It helps one realize the amount of time we miss out enjoying each day waiting for something. I have to admit that the book has redefined my perspective of waiting, especially the time spent waiting for the next big thing. I can’t relate more to the book and the time, given the transition phase I am in. I think I do have a few more months of this transition time. Thanks to the book, I am going to enjoy the time rather than be restless and worried.

Amidst bustling traffic in the suburbs on a sweaty and dusty bike commute, Still being able to relate to the anecdote that is being read to you by the very own author in the earphones, can only mean that the narration is pretty darn good. The audio book is a bit shy of 4 hours including acknowledgements, etc and I recommend you spend the time learning what waiting actually means.
You can grab The In-Between book/ebook from here or grab the audio book from here

Velominati windows 8 theme

I just created a windows 8 theme using the Velominati Wallpapers. I didn’t do much here and nor will I take credit for anything of this theme pack. The  pictures are from the  Velominati site. If you don’t like the theme pack feel free to customize it on our own. You can follow the instructions from here. Or you can just choose your favorite pic and put it up as your wall paper and feel alive as a “Velominate”.  You can download the theme from here. Since I created the Velominati theme on windows 8.1 it will definitely work on windows 8 and windows 8.1. I don’t have a windows 7 to test the theme, so somebody please try it and let me know if it works.