Bike Climbing

Bike Climbing “To compare yourself to Pantani (who went on to win the stage and the race), think of one of your favorite local climbs that’s roughly a 5 to 10% grade. Divide the number of vertical feet climbed by 100 to get an equivalent “Pantani” time and compare.Pantani could ride up your favorite 1,200 […]

The Tour de France Theme -Now live

I am eagerly following the tour and hope you guys are as well. To celebrate the cycling season, I have done another chrome theme for the tour. The link to the Tour de France theme is here. Below is a screenshot of the theme. Hope you  like it. Feel free to share your thoughts on […]

Topeak Morph Turbo Mini-Reviewed

Its been two months now since I became a roadie with my Ridley Excalibur.  The first set of things i ordered besides some parts for the bike  was the  Topeak Morph turbo Mini.  I earlier used the mini pump from decathlon which had rest- -rictions for use with the road bikes, given the valve types […]