Declining Trend

Blogs are never going to die for sure, but that said they sure can see some decline. Seems like that is what is happening to quite a few popular bloggers. Marco in his recent post elaborates in detail on this and the reason why blog traffics are in decline. I am no expert nor does my blog generate millions of page views,  to comment on the decline. That said the reasons he mention for  the decline is worthy to note and ponder on.  The entire article is worth a read.
This portion stands out

Publishers are relying more on social traffic not because Google’s squeezing them out, but because that’s where everyone went. The dominance of mobile usage, social networks, and YouTube, plus attention-competition from apps, are the real problems for web publishers and blog writers.

Show hidden files in Mac-Alfred Workflow

Coming from the Windows world to the Mac, small things like viewing hidden files could be very daunting on the mac. Thanks to Ian Lunn, I did manage to figure out how to do it. As he advised, I did create an Alias for showing and hiding the hidden files and I was quite happy for a while until it got annoying for me to keep typing the keywords “showFiles” and “hideFiles” in the terminal. This morning I decided to automate this using an Alfred Workflow and inturn learn how an Alfred Workflow is created.
Before I began I just wanted to check there weren’t any that were already doing what I wanted. How dumb of me to think if one existed, you ask. Yeah I was dumb 🙂 . There indeed is a Workflow that does exactly what I wanted to do. I just download the Workflow and it works great. My efforts to create a new Workflow have to wait for a while now 🙁 , but I am glad I found a very nice Workflow.

You can download the Workflow directly from here. Just configure the hotkeys in the Workflow and you are good to go. My hotkeys are ‘Option+Cmd + S’ to show hidden files and ‘Option+Cmd + H’ to hide the files back again. Feel free to choose hotkeys of your choice. Thanks to Andrea Busi for the nice Workflow.

Jobs movie review

 The biggest side effect to all of this is that Jobs just isn’t a good movie. Historically, it’s mostly accurate, which makes the nerd in me happy, but it’s a lackluster film. It’s as if an amateur theatre club acted out several sections of Steve Jobs’ Wikipedia page


Reflecting! Stop staring at screens

Reflecting! Stop staring at screens

I would definitely like to try what Leo babauta is suggesting. Staring at screens reminds me, Over the past few months I have grown to realize that life is lived  well when its lived with reflection. Progress is always better achieved with reflection.  Work and good life in general is not going anywhere, till you spend time reflecting how things are. Sit quiet ponder, take stock. You can live life with out reflecting, taking stock, but be informed your progress, towards your goal, is a mere accident, nothing but an accident.  It’s not necessarily about progress, it’s the essential time where you give the mind a break and let things soak in, feel the importance of things, separate the unwanted, relive and rejoice a bit, let the clutter settle to leave a cleaner and a fresh mind.How much time to reflect is very personal, varies with person to person. If its about life in general start with 30 minutes, or rather try 3-5 minutes for every hour reflecting the previous 55 mins. I am sure you are better off with out staring at screens, while reflecting.

End of the world..

Mankind has seen progress since day 1 probably. since then we have come a very long way. From being just hunters to where we are now it’s a huge leap of progress. What is interesting to understand is the time frame for such a progress. We took nearly 4000+ years for the progress. A deeper study shows that mankind has made more progress in the past 3 centuries than the combined progress of times before. Same is the case with past 3 decades having a better comparison to the past 3 centuries. in general the pace of innovation, development and progress is ever increasing exponentially.

Lets keep progress aside for a few secs and look at how black holes are formed, there a quite a lot ways by which they are formed, out which high energy collisions are one of the ways in which they could be created. In principle, black holes could be formed in high-energy collisions that achieve sufficient density. Just for a second imagine if we are the high energy particles, the pace at which innovation, growth and progress is happening we would be achieving the sufficient density in a few more years if not by Dec 12 ;).

We had a safer and greener earth 300 years ago, population was in control, progress, innovation was sufficient. Today progress and innovation happens every second, with out even we being sure if its progress that we are making. The time that we all living now is constantly changing, so volatile that we never know when things reach the critical point and the earth just unplugs and restarts due to overload. It is certain that, mankind will exist only till the time they don’t push the limits beyond earth’s threshold, and looking at the world now, we are very close to that threshold, probably just minutes or seconds away (if decades were minutes in a thousand years)