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Apple's holiday quarter and market perceptions

Apple’s quarterly results were announced yesterday and they have done incredibly well given how the market had its own disappointments about the iPhone 5 and a lack of a new ground breaking product from its stable.
You should see the wonderful chart by Dan here to get an idea of how the quarters stacked up over the past year for apple.

What I am curious about is why do people perceive this as a flat growth. The stock dropped 10% yesterday after the announcement due to this perception. Why do people perceive it with such negativity? The profits might not have gone up, but should they look at the sales ? The iPhone especially had record breaking sales. Doesn’t that count as a very strong demand. Also there is a clear statement from apple saying the operating costs have gone up due to increase in manufacturing costs. Why don’t people understand such a small logical thing. It’s a shame that they don’t understand such a simple concept and they are trying to make money in the market.

I don’t own apple stock nor am I an apple fan boy. Did I own them I will rather keep it or buy more. It’s not time to sell it at least not yet. Just my logical thought.

Facebook search

Facebook Search

With Facebook Graph Search, the objects we search for aren’t Web pages but instead virtual representations of real world objects: people, places and things. The connections are primarily Facebook Likes. Did such-and-such a person like a particular photo? A particular doctor? A particular restaurant? Those likes are the ties that bind the information in Facebook together.

Another difference is the layers of searching or refinement that Facebook Search offers compared to Google. For example, a Google search can show you restaurants in San Francisco, a pretty much single dimensional view.

A Facebook search can show you restaurants in San Francisco liked by your friends. Or further, those liked by your friends who actually live in San Francisco, as opposed to those who live elsewhere. Or those liked by your single friends, your straight friends, your gay friends, your friends who work for a particular company

Interesting. Would love to try it. I still don’t think it can become the ideal replacement for the omnipresent Google search.