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Message for the day- Distractions

Matt Gemmell

We act as if we take concentration for granted, yet everyone has had trouble keeping their mind on the task at hand. We litter our menubars with icons, keep notifications enabled, and run our email programs, chat apps and social media clients all day. Something’s got to give, and invariably it’s our creative output.

David Chartier

By default, most apps are designed to grab as much of our attention as they possibly can, and the clunky nature of Notification Center and its overabundance of switches doesn’t help. Nearly every app asks for Push Notifications permission, and a lot of them end up abusing it with distracting “engagement” alerts, updates about new content I don’t need, and advertisements for sister apps (which I thought were illegal in the App Store). I took way too long to realize that no one is going to stand up and protect my personal attention and time for me, so about a month ago I decided something had to change.


Distarctions and the lack of focus is what differentiates each one of us. Our internal harmony is dependent on such petty external factors and we let them define us and thats why we end up as ordniary people. We are habituated to distractions eveywhere and in everyform and we have come to belive it is the norm and we have to accomplish life amidst these.

I have to say it is a choice we have accepted knowingly or unknowingly and we are suffering their consequences mostly. I can vouch for this more now than anytime else because, its been almost 10 days since I dont have my iPhone and that alone has changed a whole lot about how I look at life. Some how I feel I have ample time, mind feels a lot more uncluttered and organised, I get to savor minute details of life which would have gone unnoticed had I been fiddling with the phone. Of course I do miss my iphone, but not as much as I used to in the first couple of days. Hopefully when the phone comes back I look forward to carry forward this internal balance with a lot less distractions than the past.

Hope you could reflect on these and it helps you make your life better.


Its more than coincidence i think, given my iphone is headed back to its orgin in the USA for a replacement and I am forced to be with a dumbphone 🙂 starting tomorrow. I guess the constant distractions of the iphone will be replaced by some peaceful serene commutes on the train to office till the 20th. But i wont deny that i will miss the iphone :). BTW dont forget to watch the video in matts post. Totally worth the fifteen minutes of your time.