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False Economy

False Economy

The web is a very interesting place where multi talented people across geographies cross each other ever so often. While these interactions take place each day we get to know and learn each day. Thats what amuses me everyday to get back here each day and learn new things. Todays facebook feed pointed me to this intriguing piece here.

I have never looked at the world from that perspective. A very interesting perspective indeed.

A few points got me thinking like the ones below.

Money Has No Value: Money is the biggest illusion of all. Our money is loaned into existence with arbitrary interest rates by a private monopoly.

Very true that.

What is the Value of Anything? The price discovery mechanism, or the process to determine the value of an asset in the marketplace, has become so convoluted that determining the genuine value of anything has become nearly impossible.

Since when did time and idea become money? Industrial Revolution? Werent people happier and content before that? I am sure people didnt die of poverty before industrial revolution at such large scales like today.

Corporate entities have the same rights as humans, but not the same punishments

Hardly do corporates pay up penalties for ruining the ecosystem. Even if they do its merely an eyewash

People buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have.

Tell me about it.

The last point kinda striked a chime within me.You should read the article in its entirity to get the entire picture. After reading it, I am left to agree with the authors view point, that we are in a fake world, a false economy. I’ve since been thinking of a fix for these, the more i think of it, the more certain it becomes that we wont be able to. We just have to live with it. All we can try to do is minimize our participation in the false economy and spread the word about.

What do u think? Do you agree that we are in a false economy? Can we do something about it?