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Moving Back to Feedly

The word is out and there is no point brooding over it. Yes you heard it, Google will unplug the google reader service from July. Lets sulk it in and try to move on. After all how often have free services lived for eternity. What are we left with now? Just an OPML file I guess. 🙂

The options are not many, either we switch to an alternate RSS platform or to a desktop client. I am not quite sure if any of us really would want to switch to a desktop client after using google reader for years. The main feature of google reader is that you can access it from any where and any type of device. If you just want to use the opml (exported from Google reader) file with an aggregator the wiki page has a huge list of aggregators with a detailed comparison here, you can choose one that suits you. Almost every client mentioned in that list is a desktop client and hence you most likely will lose syncing.

What am I going to do?

I am going with Feedly. Well you ask, Feedly is a browser extension or an app that runs with Google reader in the backend for sync. Exactly, but not anymore. Their blog now reads that they were expecting the demise of Google reader and they have created their own backend. So when google reader is powered down, feedly’s backend servers will kickin and keep you in sync. Besides I was already their user till I switched to Reeder on my iphone. I like Feedly as well, you can read my review of feedly here. Just that I liked Reeder more on the iphone.Now that google reader will be killed I am curious to find out what direction Reeder will take, given Silvio says

To me its better to stay with the company I know, have used and trusted rather than try something totally new unless its Feedafever. So just start using Feedly and you wont even know if Google unplugged Reader, Feedly will take care of everything for you (hopefully with out a glitch) when reader is gone. If you aren’t convinced about Feedly yet, you can try other options mentioned here.

Feedly for IPhone

I am an  avid Feedly user and have reviewed Feedly earlier here. There is no doubt in my mind that Feedly seems to be the best client for Digesting Feeds using Google reader. Since I also own an IPhone,  I recently gave Feedly for IPhone a try and here’s how I liked.

Given that  I already use the desktop version on my chrome, I knew how Feedly works and what features it has on the desktop, I had a little higher expectations from it from the mobile app.  Feedly does deliver on most of my expectations.

The Interface, the home screen  and the way the app behaves resemble the desktop version which is really nice and consistent.  The app syncs perfectly with your Google reader account and all your feeds are at your disposal for consumption.

Majority of the social features are present in the app, a few that are missing are to share on Delcious, Tumblr, Evernote, Linkedin etc which seemed to be the only expectation Feedly on the IPhone did not fulfill. The features like Instapaper, Readabilty, Read it later  are available in the latest app version.   Moving forward the remaining features from the desktop version should be available as well.

Feedly doesn’t yet have an offline feature implemented like Reeder, Which is the most popular feed reader for the IPhone. But if you have an Instapaper account like me, your offline issues could be solved partially.  Instapaper by Marco Arment is a great app as well, which I would really recommend you to try.  One can just glance through the feeds and select feeds required for offline reading and send them to Instapaper to read offline. If you are not looking for offline capability, Feedly would be the right app for your feed reader requirements. Feedly is also available for Android and IPad. Browse their homepage for your version.   How do you like Feedly for Iphone. Do you have any other app suggestions. I would love to hear from you.

UPDATE : As of May 3rd Feedly is available for Ipad and Android as well.