Mozilla plans to sell ads in firefox

This is interesting, especially for someone like me who uses Firefox 90% of the time. People won’t mind ads in Firefox if Mozilla is transparent about its implementation. Mozila needs to empower the user to turn these ads on/off. They need to explicitly disclose what data is being collected and shared with advertisers. You can read more about Mozilla‚Äôs thoughts on this here.

For now, it’s too early to conclude if they are becoming greedy. Lets wait and watch.

Why I switched from Google Chrome

A very elaborate post on why Federico Viticci is moving away from chrome and how Safari stacks in comparison to Chrome on Mac OS and iOS.I share some of the reasons myself for the switch to Firefox. To be true I was a fan of chrome ever since it launched till end of last year when I made the switch from Google Chrome to Firefox and have never gone back to chrome. Personally I feel Chrome has accrued a lot of cruft to the codebase to an extent it feels unbearably bloated on my mediocre yet loyal(nearing 5years ;)) office laptop. That said they have been innovating and been putting the users on the bleeding edge of technology none the less. But it just doesnt cut enough for me these days, there are lot of unwanted features and mostly the compromise of privacy that adds to the distaste. Since windows doesnt have a safari build anymore, I am sticking with the next best open alternative Firefox. The mobile browser had always been safari and will remain safari ever.

If you are looking for motivations to make the switch just watch this video. It just cant get any better.