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iPad Air Review

The iPad Air is the most significant upgrade to the 9.7-inch iPad in its history. It’s lighter, more portable, more usable and faster than any previous iPad. It doesn’t fundamentally change what you can do with a tablet, but if you’re in the market for one the iPad Air really is the best iPad to date. Competition is definitely more stiff among the smaller tablets thanks to the Nexus 7, but in the nearly 10-inch tablet space it seems like Apple is going to continue to enjoy a great position there.

The iPad Air review can’t get any more detailed than that. Now, waiting for the retina iPad Mini review and to figure out how retina iPad Mini stacks against the iPad Air. I’m somehow inclined to pick for the retina iPad Mini, but still wouldn’t vouch for it as a clear winner among the two.


Apps I love on my iphone

I have close to 60 apps installed on the phone and have tried more than 100 odd apps on the app store, though that doesn’t make me an expert to review the apps store or how the apps work, I definitely would like to share a list of the few favorite apps that make my life easy and wouldnt want to have an iPhone without these apps.

All these apps are elegant and simple while easily setting the standards in their categories respectively.

  1. Instapaper:- have loved and had this on my home screen for over 2 years now, very simple and elegant app that helps you manage and read articles at a later time.
  2. Reeder :- The most popular and my favorite feed reader app that syncs with Google reader . For my detailed review see here.
  3. Camera+:- easily among the best camera App replacement I have tried. The post editing that u can do with the pictures taken is just awesome, fell in love the first time and fits my needs perfectly.
  4. OmniFocus :- The best GTD app available for the iPhone and iPad. I am a newbie to GTD learning things at my own pace. The App suits everybody, be a guru at GTD or a beginner, the app has a ton of features, but u can decide to use what you want to use for yourself.
  5. Instacast:-The only other podcast app i tried besides Apple’s own Podcasts app. I didn’t have a lot of feature needs, I just wanted a simple and easily manageable podcast client and this just fits my needs perfectly.The original Podcasts app by Apple is very pleasing to look and feels great us, but still doesn’t cut the deal on managing the podcasts and files quite the way I want it.
  6. Fast Analytics:- Ever since the blog has been self hosted, I have been using this App for tracking analytics. If you are a number junkie, this shows every important number u might want to look up in your Google Analytics account.Sadly it doesn’t do any graphs and that’s why I use Analytics. But i guess you cant get everything perfect in a free app can you.
  7. Analytics :- The App gives a simple representations of your Google Analytics data in graphs and numbers. I only wish somebody had a mix of both Fast Analytics and Analytics in one app that can do the deal for me.
  8. Byword:- My goto markdown/text editor on the iPhone/iPad. For a detailed review on why I like it please read here.
  9. TweetBot:- My favorite Twitter client on the iPhone and is easily the best twitter app ever made and the most loved twitter app by the Nerds 🙂
  10. Daily Tracker:- my default tracking app mostly used for Expenses tracking, health tracking, and sometimes sleep tracking. The App is very flexible and u can track almost anything u want to track and use it as a daily journal as well and is integrated with iCloud.

These are some of my favorite apps which are frequently used on my iPhone and iPad apart from the few essential apps like DropBox, Facebook, Skype,Instagram and Strava without which my phone feels incomplete.

iPhone 5

Well it’s September 12, 2012, today. Whats so important today? If you didn’t know already, today Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 5. Yes I am convinced they will call it the iPhone 5 than just the “new iPhone”. Why so, I completely agree with the argument that Apple doesn’t need not change anything with the iPhone naming as they don’t have a mini iPhone coming like the iPad mini which is why the iPad got renamed in the first place and very clearly the invitation mentions a 5, which should relate to the phone more than the OS given iOS will be 6 when the phone ships in a weeks time.

As much as I am eagerly awaiting for this launch, I am not as excited as I am for an Apple event. It’s got nothing to do with the iPhone as such. I am sure it will be awesome as the previous ones were. Infact I am looking forward to the iPhone 5, given I am looking forward to upgrade my loyal, trustworthy, irreplaceable iPhone 4 on which I am writing this. What takes the fun out of the event is the amount of rumors that have been out over the past six months. If you haven’t been familiar with the amount of rumors, head over here for a complete roundup of the rumors about the iPhone 5.

What’s bad about these rumors is that, these kill the surprise element that Apple always has in their events. As much as these are rumors and speculations, some of them are based on valid facts from parts leaked by the suppliers. So we can be sure that some of them have to be true and in some cases we can even be sure of the specs and features. It’s very clear that the event won’t be that fun given how the recent “new iPad” event turned out after all the rumors. So expect something similar to the iPad event, even if Apple did ground breaking with the iPhone, it would look usual given the rumor was out there for good number of months in the industry. So Apple just has the software, with which they have to pull of the suprise element.

Apple has always be a company that keeps its secrecy, these days theres so much of interest in whats been cooking at Apple’s, its getting even more challenging for Apple to keep its secrets. So I think they gave up on aggressively keeping secrets1 of new versions of their products already existing in the market like the iPhone, iPod or any other mac product for that matter. Moving forward what they will keep secrets under an aggressive policy will be about a new product like the recently launched Macbook pro retina, which had negligible amount of rumours just like the upcoming iPad mini. We know nothing of the iPad mini except that it will be roughly 7 inches, and rest all is a speculation. So there will be lot more surprises in that iPad Mini event than in todays event unless, Apple PR had setup all these rumours about the iPhone just for the fun of to blow us all with a surprise of completely new phone which hasnt been in the rumours, which is very unlikely.

We will see how things go with the iPhone 5 and Apple in few hours from now. You can follow the event live from here.

1.By secrets, I mean mostly hardware secrets, because they are the ones that leak, due to external vendors.