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Carrier Unlocking the iPhone

It’s been almost a fortnight since I unlocked my phone, boy am I not happy with my phone? I am completely delighted and loving the iPhone even more now that it is unlocked. I am a nerd and I did enjoy the jail breaking and it’s benefits. But it was always a pain in the butt to wait for a new feature on the OS update that Apple offered and I just couldn’t update to it since I had to wait for the jail break for it, and even if one is available you just got to find if its untethered etc. I just didn’t enjoy the wait at all. Its a pain for a nerd like me who wants to keep trying new things all the time, trying to live on the edge.

Earlier when the permanent unlock was offered during the iPhone 4 days I wasn’t sure if it would work and besides the price was really high. Now that there’s a ton of competition out there in the market for permanent unlocking, the prices are a bit reasonable. I liked how my phone was unlocked at official iPhone unlock, I decided to spread the happiness ūüôā

The website is run by a bunch of professionals and I could vouch on it by the process they follow.

First you just select the phone model and your phone’s carrier(the one the iPhone is locked to) , then you type your iPhone’s IMEI number and add it to Cart and just give all the mandatory details like email name etc at checkout.

You instantly receive an email notification of buying the unlock, then another email asking you to verify your card. Once the verification is done, the status of your unlock is updated online. You can keep a track of it online. As soon as the unlock goes through, you do get a confirmation email.

Once you get the confirmation mail you just connect your iPhone to iTunes and your phone is unlocked. If you don’t get success instantly just update your iOS or¬†re-install¬†iOS and it definitely will get unlocked.

The entire process is so simple and easy and done professionally, I definitely would recommend them for your iPhone if you need to unlock it. My iPhone 4 got unlocked in about 8 hours since it was locked to AT&T. Different carriers might take different time to unlock your phone, so please be patient and don’t fire me here.

Have Fun Unlocking it!

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iPhone 5

Well it’s September 12, 2012, today. Whats so important today? If you didn’t know already, today Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 5. Yes I am convinced they will call it the iPhone 5 than just the “new iPhone”. Why so, I completely agree with the argument that Apple doesn’t need not change anything with the iPhone naming as they don’t have a mini iPhone coming like the iPad mini which is why the iPad got renamed in the first place and very clearly the invitation mentions a 5, which should relate to the phone more than the OS given iOS will be 6 when the phone ships in a weeks time.

As much as I am eagerly awaiting for this launch, I am not as excited as I am for an Apple event. It’s got nothing to do with the iPhone as such. I am sure it will be awesome as the previous ones were. Infact I am looking forward to the iPhone 5, given I am looking forward to upgrade my loyal, trustworthy, irreplaceable iPhone 4 on which I am writing this. What takes the fun out of the event is the amount of rumors that have been out over the past six months. If you haven’t been familiar with the amount of rumors, head over here for a complete roundup of the rumors about the iPhone 5.

What’s bad about these rumors is that, these kill the surprise element that Apple always has in their events. As much as these are rumors and speculations, some of them are based on valid facts from parts leaked by the suppliers. So we can be sure that some of them have to be true and in some cases we can even be sure of the specs and features. It’s very clear that the event won’t be that fun given how the recent “new iPad” event turned out after all the rumors. So expect something similar to the iPad event, even if Apple did ground breaking with the iPhone, it would look usual given the rumor was out there for good number of months in the industry. So Apple just has the software, with which they have to pull of the suprise element.

Apple has always be a company that keeps its secrecy, these days theres so much of interest in whats been cooking at Apple’s, its getting even more challenging for Apple to keep its secrets. So I think they gave up on aggressively keeping secrets1 of new versions of their products already existing in the market like the iPhone, iPod or any other mac product for that matter. Moving forward what they will keep secrets under an aggressive policy will be about a new product like the recently launched Macbook pro retina, which had negligible amount of rumours just like the upcoming iPad mini. We know nothing of the iPad mini except that it will be roughly 7 inches, and rest all is a speculation. So there will be lot more surprises in that iPad Mini event than in todays event unless, Apple PR had setup all these rumours about the iPhone just for the fun of to blow us all with a surprise of completely new phone which hasnt been in the rumours, which is very unlikely.

We will see how things go with the iPhone 5 and Apple in few hours from now. You can follow the event live from here.

1.By secrets, I mean mostly hardware secrets, because they are the ones that leak, due to external vendors.‚Ü©

HowTo Iphone Tips

How to download torrents and watch movies on Iphone or Ipad

UPDATE (18-09-2014):- This post is very old, around 3 years now. Please do understand that I haven’t tried these on my iPhone for over 2 years. My phone is not Jailbroken since the past two years. That said the logic to download the torrent on an iPhone or iPad remains the same. The steps are as follows.
1. Jailbreak your iphone/iPad (Google should be handy with finding the right tutorial for you).
2. Download the torrent downloader app like iTransmission/ safari torrent download Plugin.
3.Use the Vlc app/ or your favorite move player to watch video the file.
I gave up on Jailbreaking because the iPhone is designed to work awesome within the Apple ecosystem and hampering that creates too much of a hassle, some time some basic functions like Phone/celluar network fails, which is not my cup of tree. I prefer to keep my phone working rather than worrying if it was the Jailbreak that caused the restart of the phone or the battery drain. You are better off using an app like dropbox or Bittorent Sync and syncing an already downloaded movie from your laptop to your phone. That said I learnt a lot of things hacking and jailbreaking the phone, So I won’t stop you from trying to download a torrent directly to your iphone or iPad.

I’ve always been¬†fascinated¬†by how much one can actually do on the mobile phone, after getting my iPhone last year. This time as well, I ¬†tried some thing as much that blew me away and that’s what am here to write about. Yes I downloaded a movie from a torrent, watched an .avi file on the iPhone all with out using a computer. ¬†It took almost 3 hours figuring out how to get it done. Not many tutorials were really helpful, so I am going to save you those precious 3 hours with which you could watch a movie on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ūüėČ

Setting up  the device to download and watch. 

Firstly this tutorial is for those who have their iOS devices jailbroken ¬†or are willing to take the efforts to jailbreak. ¬†Based on the versions of iOS you are running on your device (you can find yours by ¬†navigating >settings> general>about, look next to Version) jailbreak your device first if you haven’t already. (look up for a tutorial on redmondpie¬†to get it done for your version).Make sure you are getting Cydia installed on the device while jailbreaking.

Open up Cydia and search for ” torrent downloader safari plugin”. Get it installed. ¬†Next search for the package iFile in Cydia and get it installed.

Open the Installous  app to search for Vlc player, yes the impeccable player has an iOS app, sadly it has been pulled out of the App store, hence we are forced to download the player from the alternate app store. If you dont have the installous app, look a tutorial here. Please be reminded that it is illegal to install the app. On the Installous app search for VLC player  and install it. Do not install the VLC streamer app, look for the VLC player App and install it.

Screenshot Torrent Downloader Plugin Screenshot of iFile Screenshot of VLC player on Installous

Downloading torrents.

Now that we are all set to download  from torrents and watch movies, Let me go through how to download so that  it gets easier and quicker.  Just go to a torrent site like Piratebay or  Isohunt , Search for the torrent and click the download button.  once a torrent file is downloaded the torrent downloader plugin automatically kicks in and prompts that the torrent is loaded, press the start button to download the file/movie. As far as i have tried, it does support pausing and resuming the  torrent. It downloads even if the screen gets locked,  Quite neat  i must say.  Once the download is done, open up the iFile app that we downloaded from Cydia.  Browse to /var/mobile/Library/ you would find your download file/Movie here.  If the file is a pdf or a txt or audio or video or  you can directly open with  a suitable app, and you can as well archive or compress the file which is nice. If it was a movie in Mp4, you could use the default Quicktime player to watch it.

Screenshot downloading torrent Screenshot of torrent loaded Screenshot of torrent downloading

Watching AVI files with VLC.

What happens if the movie doesn’t play on Quicktime, thankfully we downloaded the VLC player app which supports most¬†codecs. ¬†VLC App is done in a such a way that you need iTunes to share a specific video file so that the VLC player can access it, which is a lengthy ¬†process and requires a PC/Mac. My whole idea of downloading the movie directly on the iPhone was not to rely on the computer. So here is the workaround for it. Select the movie file from /var/mobile/Library/ (could be where ever you have saved your download) by pressing the edit button in the iFile app. Cut or copy it by pressing the ¬†clipboard icon. Now ¬†browse back to /var/mobile/Applications/ . You would see a list of folders with jumbled letters and numbers, the trick is to find the VLC player among these. As of now, manually opening each folder is the only option to find out which folder has the VLC app. How you find ¬†the VLC app folder is by looking for a folder with a name So once you find out, just remember ¬†or make of note of the folder name (Mine was something like A65A27……, Also remember the folder name is randomly generated and might change if you upgrade your iOS ) so that at least the next time its just a tap away. ¬†Inside this folder ¬†you could find the documents folder open it and tap the edit again, you will see the clipboard icon highlight again, tap to paste the file. ¬†Now the file is inside the documents folder of the VLC player app.

Screenshot of  Select to copy Screenshot of Copy/cut Screen shot of Vlc  app Folder

Just open the VLC player app and you already have the movie you downloaded to¬†watch. I must mention that VLC does use a lot more battery than QuickTime, that ¬†should be acceptable ¬†given you are trying to use your iOS device as a replacement computer ūüôā

Screenshot of VLC player playlist

You can use an app like iExplorer¬†from you PC/Mac to back up the movie if you want ūüôā

Hope it was easy for you to follow the tutorial. Feel free to let me know if you  liked the tutorial, or share your queries in the comments section below.