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Office 2010 rocks!

I am not a Microsoft guy, ask any friend of mine, they will tell you I am apple freak. Office 2010 beta is available for download on the Official site and Technet, Half an hour of using the apps convinced me to write this post. It’s been a day since the Beta version is available for download so better hurry. Trust me when I say its worth the effort. I just tried the Outlook beta. It feels so thin, like a breeze while using it. There is lot of screen space left for me to play around with. Its pretty fluid with a flow. The Ribbon menu view feels better, now that I kinda got used to the other Office 07 apps. One feature that immediately caught my eye was the file menu where you get to  modify your account settings, etc  i never liked the popup window in the older versions. Its very stable and robust The Inbox: Outlook The File Menu in Outlook Outlook2 Never have I seen any Office product start like the beta Excel this time. I Liked their splash screen too. All the other apps have become lighter as well and the usability is even better. Well I always have this interest to search for the “not so resource savvy” apps ( That is why I even ditched Itunes ). Probably for Office 2010 I won’t have that urge. I haven’t had the time to explore all the features yet.  I am looking forward to the online synchronization  and collaboration features that i am still to explore and probably the web Office. Except for the upgrade everything worked well. Upgrade failed badly. So I had to uninstall the previous version of Office and then reinstall the beta. I would have been happier if the upgrade had worked, but still this was the fresh installation was a no brainer and hassle free. For some reason the icons seem pretty odd in the start menu with all those alphabet symbols. I kinda liked the 2007 icons in the start menu. In spite of all the hitch at the start, I liked it better than any windows product.  After all Scoble was not wrong when he mentioned office 2010 is very cool. I seriously never thought it would be so cool. Overall it seems a good quarter for Microsoft, with windows 7 earlier and now Office 2010. What do you think? I ‘d love to here from you.