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Workaround: Powerbeats pro battery issues

Are you suffering from your either or both of your Powerbeats pro not having charge you pull it out of its case? I think I have a workaround just for you.


I have been having this issue of the right Powerbeats pro not having enough charge just when I go out for a ride or a run. It has been annoying me like crazy, especially given the price I paid for these and I chose to buy them over the AirPods Pro just to make sure they are really good for workouts and I didn’t need the noise cancellation on my runs/rides due to safety reasons. I have been having these issues inconsistently since October.

Only my left Powerbeats pro would be charged 100% consistently while the right would have drained completely or was at a useless charge percentage most times I would like to use them. This was so inconsistent that I would just bail and go out with the left one or with both with weird charge states etc. There was no predictable behaviour on how /when the right one would be charged completely etc.

It got so frustrating that I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I first thought it was a firmware problem (some forum threads suggested it was) and then there were a few firmware updates that seemed like they fixed it, but apparently the issue came back again in Jan or Feb.

More forum research got me thinking it was some hardware issue as well and yes there were recommendations to clean the contact points on the case and the pros with a baby wipe or alcohol. I did that but that didn’t fix the issue completely.

Powerbeats pro with the case


Here is what worked for me, So after making sure the contacts were cleaned, now I make sure to place them consistently by looking out for the lights on the case. Regardless of the order, I place them in the case after my run/ride, I watch for the lights on the case. I make sure the case blinks (doesn’t matter red/white) right after I place the pods. So one blink for each pod for a total of two blinks. I close the case with as little movement as possible.

If for some reason the light doesn’t blink when I place my right Powerbeats pro, I remove it and place it again. I keep repeating this until it blinks once. The light blinking is an acknowledgement from the case that the pods are in place and charging.

I have been doing this for almost a month now and so far, no issues whatsoever. Both the Powerbeats pro have been consistently charged or at 100% every single time. Agreed that it is outright annoying to do this every time you place the pods back and its Apple’s fault for making them this way, but hey I am stuck with them because I bought them in the US and I can’t ship them back for replacement or exchange etc.

Sometimes I randomly check the battery widget on the iPhone or the iPad with the case nearby to see if both the pods are in fact charging. But this is just an unnecessary habit now, one that I picked up from reading the forums in Jan.

If you have been having similar issues, do try this lights workaround. Hopefully, they will help!