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Bookmark Sync-Now on chrome too

Bookmark sync has been an advanced web user feature for a very long time now. It started probably with Firefox’s Xmarks. To briefly sum it up for those who didn’t know about bookmark sync, its a way of sharing the same set of bookmarks across various computers. This might not seem that important for a newbie, but for those advanced geeks, its pretty much something which they cant live without. The good news is that the chrome team has officially implemented bookmark sync on the dev channel. Getting it to work is all the more easier than getting extensions to work on chrome.  Just grab a copy of the latest chrome from the dev channel and launch it with “–enable-sync” command-line flag.


If you are interested to explore using the extensions on chrome, check out my post on enabling and using extensions from here.

That’s a cool feature to have on your browser, but what i am waiting for is a sync like Weave for firefox. What other features would you wish for on chrome?