Apple Watch

Apple has paid excruciating attention to detail in the design and wearability of the Apple Watch. In many cases, its offerings make what is coming out of Switzerland (or Asia) look amateurish. But, let me remind you that I am looking at this object as just that, the physical form, not in the interface. If this was simply a digital watch, I could say it’s a well designed, well-executed one. But ……

Best written review of the Apple Watch so far. After viewing the live event, I was wondering if Apple did a mistake by positioning it as a watch. It has all the requisites to call it as a watch but that said it needs an iPhone for most of it’s features to work. If it can’t work independently with out an iPhone why call it a watch. Call it an Apple wear and position it into its own category like the iPods. Except for the name I am in love for the product. Apple’s attention to detail is its sole differentiation from all others and the watch is yet another example to its attention to detail. If you don’t believe me, do have a look at Apple’s watch page. Also don’t forget to read the review by Benjamin Clymer.

Taken for granted

Today is 3 months since I broke my bones due to an accident on a bike commute to office. I’ve probably spent half my life time on earth and it’s the first time ever I managed to break a bone. Not quite the timing I would have wanted to break a bone, but nobody can prevent the inevitable, can we? The crash changed a lot of things in my life, some for the better and some for the worse. Its been a very eventful three months and I have come to learn quite a few things which I wouldn’t have realized even existed had it not been for the crash. One important learning is what I want to share, may be this will ring some bells for you too.

Our body is the most ignored aspect in our lives. We take it for granted that it will work the way it is supposed to. We keep taking it for granted till the time it stops and gives a trouble or shows some symptoms. Two months of trying to restore the left leg back to its normalcy reminds me only one thing. Despite being a healthy and an active person who spent at least 6-12 hours on the bike commuting, I never had realised how coordinated an activity such as bending your knee to pedal the bike is. It is just mind blowing to feel how many muscles, nerves, blood vessels and brain cells it requires to coordinate an activity such as bending the knee which we have come to take for granted everyday. The first day off the cast was very bad, so much that thinking about bending the knee hurt. Two months since then, I can cycle now, but some postures like Vajrasana hurts so bad that I can’t hold that pose for more than a few seconds. May be I am rushing my recovery too soon, but I just can’t stop thinking how coordinated the body used to work earlier and how I had failed to appreciate its beauty then. I have learnt the hardway that the human body is the most efficient piece of creation worth admiring. It is easily the most important thing one should take care of in their life.

These days I thank my body each day for how it helps me be what I am and I consciously make an effort to not abuse it, be it by feeding it Junk food or by depriving of sleep. I try to keep myself active, healthy and flexible as much as possible. Do you?


This clutter isn’t about not having enough time to get to these things. The clutter is a sign, a symptom. I’m avoiding the work, some of it because it’s hard and I’m not sure how to do it, some because it’s boring and doesn’t interest me, and some because I keep forgetting to get it done on a regular basis, mainly because it’s mixed up with everything else.

Clutter indeed is a symptom of a very disorganised mind.