My Apple Watch- First thoughts

My apple watch (42mm space grey sports) got delivered yesterday and am still excited about it. It still isn’t launched in India though. I picked one on Ebay.

Unboxing the watch was a delight and I doubt any company would be able to get someone excited about the unboxing this much.

Its just over 18 hours with the watch am loving the watch so far. I am still exploring how things work in the watch ecosystem. This is the first apple device that got me looking into the online manual as things weren’t obvious at certain places. But so far so good, the small device has a ton of complexity that I would give the benefit of doubt to the UX guys and give them kudos for the job they’ve done. Any ways this is version 1.0.1

The force touch and the haptic feedback is the best thing that has happened since the launch of the iPhone with the touch screen. It’s mindblowing, especially the haptic feedback.

I will write more about it in the coming days, as I learn new things about the watch.

Till then, thanks for reading.


Fastmail gets IMAP Push notifications

I’ve been using FastMail for over a year now and am delighted to hear that the long awaited IMAP email push is now available. That means  default iOS mail client can receive push notifications like yahoo and other mail providers.

Push email will happen automatically for existing users and if you already have iOS configured with FastMail IMAP, you’ll just start benefiting from the change without doing anything extra.

I strongly recommend you try Fastmail if you are worried about security and about your email being parsed by servers for advertisements(Gmail).