Apple’s OS X beta program.

Gone are those days when Apple launched beta’s to developers for testing. Apple has launched a beta program for the public this time and you can signup to beta test the next release of OS X from here. Apple’s OS X beta program is really cool, given we get to try it before the vast majority of the public. I try beta’s for most products, the Chrome and Firefox that I use are running developer/beta builds right now. That is how I try to stay on the edge of technology. Anyways, if you are like me, you should try the OS X beta’s.


When who we are and what we do are one and the same, we are walking the road of Must. When we choose Must, what we create is ourselves. It is a body of work. When we make something because we Must, not just because we can, it is the difference between disposable products that last a few years and life-affirming movements that sustain generations.

The cross roads of should and must by elleluna is lengthy read, but it is well worth the time spent and worth even more when you start pondering over it especially with you and your life in context.