Laws of Simplicity as Originally Typeset —

The presentation download linked in his article is an awesome reminder towards simplicity. Thanks John for putting it out there for all of us. 

A friend of mine was looking for my early sides regarding the Laws of Simplicity, and I found some old parts that look like they’ll do just fine. Via Google Slides they are here, and as a Keynote file they are here. If you want a PPT, just export the Google Slides and you can […]

via Laws of Simplicity as Originally Typeset —


Gutenberg -project


This is the first post I am trying to write using the Gutenberg plugin for WordPress. I am going to keep this short and sweet as I am testing it as well. You have to try this plugin demo understand the potential of this plugin. So far the demo is great. For a developer preview, this is mind blowing. These are very early stages of development and this looks very promising for the future of WordPress.

If you are a WordPress developer and you haven't tried to use this plugin to  test your plugins/themes, you should start today. It is pretty stable considering it is a developer beta release. 

You can get the plugin here. Don't go by the ratings on the plugin repository. The development of the plugin happens on github here and feel free to contribute to it.