Website Obesity.

Intriguing talk by Maciej Cegłowski on Website Obesity.

In the age of Netflix and youtube we take for granted that internet and data is free/unlimited for everyone. Actually that isn’t true at all. From where I come, data is very expensive given most of it is via the mobile phone and loading a 3mb site from the 1gb/month of data plan is just expensive and not to mention that it is sometimes painfully slow depending on my cellular service.

We don’t prioritise optimising the (bytes) size of our websites for those users who are from the developing countries where data might be at a premium.

User experiences are important, but not at the cost of your users. The talk is an eye opener for anyone who works in UX/Web experience. Do ponder for a moment if anything you create worthwhile needs to be resource heavy (dig at resource heavy apps Slack 🙂 )/costly. Cross platform and ease of development etc needs be considered yes, but taking the easy route always isn’t the right/best path for the longterm. Remember that there are a static/simple HTML sites still out there that still get the job done with out any issues. 

The text version is here for your use if you wish not to view the video. Now back to working on how to reduce the size of my website. 🙂

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Happy Holidays!


My employer (Automattic) put together this fun video for christmas/Hoildays. You can get a sneak peak behind the scenes from here.

Random Musings

Laws of Simplicity as Originally Typeset —

The presentation download linked in his article is an awesome reminder towards simplicity. Thanks John for putting it out there for all of us. 

A friend of mine was looking for my early sides regarding the Laws of Simplicity, and I found some old parts that look like they’ll do just fine. Via Google Slides they are here, and as a Keynote file they are here. If you want a PPT, just export the Google Slides and you can […]

via Laws of Simplicity as Originally Typeset —