On The Edge!


Making a case for the Spigen watch case.

I am the person that sticks to originals. I usually buy something, and I hardly make any modifications on them to make it mine. Colour me a purist if you will. I just like to keep things the way they were intended and let them die the same except for two things that I can think of. One is my bike that got repainted, and the next one is my company provided Apple MacBook pro, which is heavily stickered to differentiate when I am on trips with my colleagues. There are hundreds of MacBook pros that look alike.

I had a minor kerfuffle about 6 weeks back, and I dinged my Apple Watch Series 5 when I was trying to cleat in. While the little scratch is hardly visible to anybody else, it never missed my eye, when I take a look at the time. It was getting annoying to the extent that I wanted to replace the watch within 11 months of purchase which is not my thing. The watches are usually on a 2-year cycle plus I wasn’t impressed enough to upgrade to the Series 6 this year. The disappointment with the dent was real and so was not upgrading, so I decided to look for third party cases that could conceal the ding so that I can live with it.

I considered a clear case and the black sport strap as I was hoping that would conceal the ding and make it protective for future dings. But boy was I wrong by miles. The case was hideous, especially with my grey watch and the black strap that I removed it instantaneously and tagged it a $7 waste for me. That said it looks great on a silver watch with a grey strap and looks fine.
I came across the rugged armour Spigen case, and it was interesting as it held the watch inside the case and it offered at least an mm of silicone thickness over the screen and its edges were just enough to cover most of the scratches on my watch, but not 100%. I took a chance of adding another $20 to my already existing waste pile of $7 But I am impressed now. If you are on the fence, I would totally recommend it.

I have a small wrist which got me worried on the looks. I still gave it a shot. I was surprised that the first two people who saw with this case congratulated me on a new watch and then I had to clarify it was just a new strap. The rugged outdoors look was impressing people who saw it on me. It didn’t look too big, even for my wrist. Moreover, I was happy to sport the same colour to match my phone in green.

When I wore it the first time, there was a big gap between the watches HR sensor and my wrist, which I thought would make my HR readings inaccurate. I couldn’t wear it any tighter as I ran out of slots with the classic buckles on the strap. I was already on the nearest buckle hole. I was wrong; my readings are still the same. The watch with the case actually weights 2 grams lesser than the apple watch with sports loop at 61grams. It does feel durable, well designed and sturdy. The only con that I think of right now is that this feels too chunky to wear to the bed, but I got used to it anyway, and now it doesn’t matter.

So yes, I will recommend you try it for your outdoor activities, I feel this case is a good value for money. In fact, I am so convinced right now that I am considering a case for my phone from Spigen. I am not sure I will go for it yet given the hefty price I paid for the silicone case, but that is a topic for another time. If you have any thoughts or questions or recommendations (I am not a purist anymore, hahaha!), please leave them in the comments.