A little Motivation!

Life moves on whether your live it or not. Its almost over a 100 days since I’ve posted some thing on this blog or any blog for that matter. Things have changed dramatically over these days and I feel I just have a small chance before things go even worse.  These are the days when things are not right everywhere especially when there is an economic slowdown everywhere. There’s a lot of Negativity in the air that keeps me worried. This is a pretty important time in my career, where I have made some bold decisions at this point of time and I  just have a few more days to prove that the decisions I have made were worthy ones for my career. To be precise I live on an edge. Oh I forgot I’ve changed the title of my blog to On the Edge! not because I live on the edge at the moment but because we all live on the Edge!

These are days when I seek motivation. Something that came as gift to motivate me, via google reader was this video which Gaurav Mishra tagged in an inspirational Post a few days ago.  I didn’t want to miss this video hence I’ve tagged it to my blog as well ( I thought U would be lazy to head over to Gaurav’s post and watch the video, I would still recommend  U to read his post)


Steve Jobs has always been an inspiration for me especially for an apple fan like me. He simply amazes me this time as well. Incase you haven’t watched this video yet, I bet its definitely worth 15 minutes of your life. Let me know if you have something inspirational to share.