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Podcasts I listen-2020

My friend Aditya wrote this post on the podcasts he listens and inspired me to list down my own podcasts. I listen to a lot of them and have been for years now, maybe since getting my first iPhone in 2010. I have pruned the lists a bunch of times after overloads and yet I have so many of them. Here is a list of them. 

As I write, I have subscriptions to about 20 podcasts, but not all of them are regular publishers, and I don’t listen to all of them consistently. So I am just listing a few that I think everyone can try.

  1. Akimbo Podcast: A podcast by Seth Godin. I think that is more than enough introduction to subscribe to it. Yes, it is totally worth it.
  2. Accidental Tech podcast: A podcast with a developers perspective on the Apple eco sytem, tech, cars and anything in the host’s lives.
  3. Distributed podcast:Podcast show hosted by my company’s CEO. Totally recommended if you are looking at ways to improve your company by decentralising it.
  4. Hurry Slowly: A podcast on pacing yourself by Jocelyn K glei.
  5. IRL by Mozilla: A podcast by Manoush Zomorodi on privacy for the internetizens. There haven’t been any episodes lately, but their archives are still a treasure trove about online privacy.
  6. The talk show by Gruber. Gruber’s take on Apple and tech.
  7. The Tim Ferris show by Tim Ferris. This isn’t everyone’s favourite, but I seem to be enjoying it for the most part.

Besides these, I am trying WorkLife with Adam grant. I have listened to about 5 episodes and I am liking it so far. Maybe it is a keeper.

BTW I also subscribed to Seen and the Unseen by Amit Varma and have been enjoying it so far. This was a recommendation from Aditya and I am thankful to him for writing about this podcast.

Do you have any recommendations I am missing here?

Random Musings

Leadership philosophy

I believe that with clear communication and expectations, I can foster an environment of open participation and respectful collaboration.

I will be considerate in my thinking and communication, always being cheerful or flexible (and both when possible). I will always remember that your time is as valuable as mine. I will remember that trust is a partnership, and earned not owed.

I will lead with consistency and a global mindset, motivating people through knowledge not fear. I will lead knowing that people will follow after me, and I should leave my world better than how I found it. I will lead with honesty and integrity, knowing that I am only as good as my word. 

I expect to address confrontations directly and react calmly in difficult situations. I expect to consider problems from multiple sides and find a solution that is equitable. I expect to not know things, and fail at things, and ask people to work alongside me anyway.

This leadership philosophy from my colleague Josepha is great. You should read the entirety here. This is great and overlaps for most people in leadership roles. Bookmarked here for later self reference.