First week in Dallas.

Surprisingly the first week in Dallas was easy and quick. I had no jet lag, plus going around without a mask feels good given the local laws in Texas. I don’t need to wear a mask unless I’m in a federal building so kind a enjoying the outdoors without a mask like old times. I did a bit of cooking at my friends place I stay, so we didn’t go eating outside.

One of the perks of staying with a friend who runs a rental car business is that I get to try a bunch of cars that I have never seen/driven or both. So far in a week I have driven at least 6 different cars, some of them is Chevy Spark, VW Jetta, Kia Rio, Mini Cooper, Chevy Trax and Ford Focus. I found a paved trail near by and managed to run 5 hours of the planned 6 hours for the week including a half marathon on Sunday to complete a total of 51kms. I did some thanks giving shopping and I exchanged my 4 year 10.5″ iPad pro for the 12.9″ pro with the magic air keyboard. I’m excited, while it feels more like a laptop with the Magic keyboard but I like the big screen so far. I never thought I would say this, but the sky here is amazing to look at during the day. Some pics below.