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Four Reasons y Chrome will be your default browser.

I have never found time till today to express my thoughts on the browser wars. I follow the browser wars very frequently. I not only follow the browser developments and i dare to take the risk of downloading the latest build of one and test it out. Just to tell you i have played around with Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE8, Chrome, K-meleon, Kninja, Deepnet, Flock, Amaya, Maxthon, Netscape for couple of months. I am always amused to see what browsers will be capable of in the future. I recently realized that somehow chrome has become my default browser instead of Firefox which was my default for almost 3 years prior losing out to chrome. Chrome Rendering Engine:- Webkit is the best (I mean it) ever rendering engine, that i have seen so far and used. Two companies(Google, apple) trust it, makes it worth looking into. Web kit is known for its speed and cold start. gecko is till on the heels of Webkit to be precise. Google was supporting Mozilla for a very long time and in spite of it they chose to go with webkit and Gecko, proves worthy. Memory Management:- The browser has been redesigned in such a fashion, that each tab is managed as a separate process makes it really simple to manage multiple tabs, i.e if a tab crashes due to a plug-in problem or memory problem or something, your browser will be still up and you will loose only the tab that crashed. There is not better browser than opera on memory management, i feel chrome will be there soon. UI simplicity:- The UI is designed to be minimal and uncluttered, which helps people view more of the web than the browser. Before Chrome, Safari had the simplest of UI, after chrome safari changed it to the chrome style, shows simple the UI really is. Community:- A browser gets really complete when it has an open community working on it to improve it in all possible directions, Google has created that environment for webkit, with the initiative of chromium. A lot of add-ons, new features etc will be available as the development progresses. Moving ahead chrome will have a major market share. Chrome still is in its very early stages of development and has to travel a long way to be the best browser, but am confident its on the right track. It is rough, it crashes etc.. so it might not be your favorite for now, but you can’t stay away. I have been and am still a fan of Firefox and i extensively try a variety of the stuff the Mozilla labs innovates. I will miss the Weave, Ubiquity and a long list of add-ons that i use, But considering  the general user on the web, what matters most is  speed, memory and the UI and chrome will win everyone in no time on these aspects. If you are really interested in what changes browsers will bring in tomorrow have a peek here… i seriously wish chrome also gets a similar community.


This time I am not writing about something that’s not hot but definitely some thing that’s very useful. I came across ALLTOP when I started subscribing to Guy Kawasaki. I always have this desire to play around with new stuff and as usual just started exploring Alltop and guess what it just ROCKS (the WebPages r very neat and interactive and to the point). The concept is pretty simple but at the same time is very useful for lazy guys like me. It saves a lot of time for me at least; I don’t search anymore for news regarding Apple or about the latest in the Browser Wars which I am most interested about nor do I need to subscribe to lots of feeds. These days I just check out on ALLTOP. BTW thinking about how Alltop works, I recollect that REVIEWGIST which came up sometime in 2007 is also pretty similar to Alltop. Reviewgist brings reviews from the top review sites about all the Gadgets to one place just like Alltop which collects all the top stories and classifies them into different subheads. But there are lots of differences with them; one among them is how they collect their data. Review gist crawls those top review sites and condenses them and delivers it to us (sorry for the raw language, I am no software geek) while Alltop imports the feeds from the top sites and they modify it and present it. But am sure the Alltop is way ahead (web2.0 stuff) in terms of its presentation and I especially love that red banner, though it was annoying initially its kind a cool now and am used to it now. So guy’s if u aren’t using any of these, both of them are my recommendations for the month.

Apple joins the Race.


It’s now official that the Apple Iphone 3G will be available in 70 countries from this July 11th. For those who already own the Iphone, Sorry Guys you better upgrade to the 3G coz there are lots of new features in store. You can find the details on the news and phone here. July 11th not only will witness the sale of Iphone 3g but also will launch Mobileme, the reply from Apple for Windows Live Mesh. Mobileme is an Internet service from apple which will synchronize all your different devices on to apple servers so that you can access your data from anywhere. Features include synchronization of your email, contacts, calendars, etc. Lately for some reason all the bignames (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe including Mozilla and Opera) are behind my data to be on to their servers and moving forward all I will do is synchronizing all the different gadgets and applications to one of the servers and get access to all my data anywhere. I am yet to try the Mesh and we all need to wait till 11th July to find out what Mobileme has to offer. I beleive Apple won’t disappoint us. Will let you all know how the mesh is in my next post.