Facebook Home

Facebook Home

Some interesting thoughts about the integration of Facebook on Android here

You cannot put your future in a competitor’s hands. So what do you do? Do you enter uncharted territory, make your own mobile operating system, and hope people switch?

Of course not. You make your competitor’s system yours — overnight. Facebook Home is a trojan horse designed to steal the Android experience, and the Android user base, right out of Google’s hands. The majority of speculation over the last year or two had been that Facebook was working on its own mobile OS. It may well be, but this move is so much smarter on a number of fronts:

Time. Home significantly increases Facebook’s mobile presence without being everything. A lot of time and care seems to have gone into it, but it’s surely far less than a full-blown operating system would require.

This definitely is tricky approach from Facebook, but i think the ball will be in Facebooks favor, Given how much Google has benefited out of Android in comparison to Samsung, Amazon and other hardware manufacturers.