Google Buzz- Can it be the Facebook Killer?

Gmail greeted me this morning with a new Buzz. The Gmail blog told the entire story of Google  launching a yet another SOCIAL Feature called the Buzz. Google Buzz is among the very crucial moves which Google has been playing to sustain its dominance in the web especially the social web.

Google Buzz

The Buzz is a lifestreaming service more like the FriendFeed where all your activities on the various social sites get aggregated at one place facilitating a much broader picture of your digital echo. I won’t help you guys with the features, coz the video is easier to follow. Interesting again with the cartoon showing up in a google’s product launch similar to Google Chrome in 2008. What would make the Google Buzz even more competitive would be an integration of the Google Wave along with updates from Google groups and more socail sites into it.  Facebook is not yet a Lifestreaming service, but they did acquire FriendFeed. (I am not still sure what their plans with FriendFeed are)

Facebook recently had its 6th anniversary and hit the 400 million user mark, But Google buzz will already start off with over a 150 million(approximately) user base owing to the fact that its built right into Gmail. What Google Buzz lacks is the all the social games and the apps that people use on Facebook. I guess once an API for the Google Buzz is out, it will go head on against Facebook. As yet it too early to say who will kill Facebook, but Google Buzz definitely has potential.

UPDATE: Google has just updated few new changes to the way how  BUZZ works. Head over here to read more and understand on the modifications.

8 responses

  1. I’ve tried using google buzz, not as easy as using facebook, I hope Google can fix it so easy in use

  2. Can Buzz live up to the expectations of facebook users in terms of applications and Games ???? Or will it just fade away as the other social networking sites. Pretty early to say….

  3. There is one thing called habit. It is very difficult to break it. Facebook has become the favorite platform to share/spend time/ play around with friends. Google has become the favorite platform for mailing, searching and for few more things . Google is now trying to change the habit of going to Facebook. I dont think it will be possible. Google will fail miserably in this social networking business. There wont be any buzz from Google buzz.

    Moreover, Google is becoming overwhelming for me… Google OS, Google Mobile, Gmail, Google…. everything google….I am starting to hate google now. I dont think it will take long for a big crowd of people to realize this and feel the way I do about google.

    Google… try to something different,creative. Don’t try to replace everything available in this world to google…Damn google

  4. @ Muthu Habit is something that happens over time and we do change our habits slowly, i definitely feel that Buzz has that potential.. We need to wait and watch if Buzz can actually Kill Facebook.

    I don’t deny the fact that Google could be the next Microsoft, am feeling a little monotonous with Google all around, just that we are bound to use them with out any better alternative choice.. we just need to wait for some competition to catchup on search, etc to end their dominance. Till then Google works fr me