Google Nexus One vs. Apple Iphone: Why Apple still wins it?

Its surprising to see the huge hype about Apple’s co founder Steve Wozniak liking the New Google phone Nexus one which got launched at CES 2010.  Well its no big deal that a new phone in the market will have some gizmo freaks liking it. Steve is yet another of those freaks who tried it and liked it. At least for a founder and an employee he had the interest to see what his competition was doing unlike Palm CEO Rubenstein who accepts not trying an Iphone still and is not worried of apple as competitor ( a rather silly statement for a CEO to make at any time). I guess, now we know why Palm products haven’t been doing great.

For a phone that sold 20,000 pieces in the first week compared to 50,000 Iphones in a day, Nexus one clearly proves that it just isn’t impressive despite the fact that it has Google’s Branding and had a huge hype of being an Iphone killer. Personally I would say it was a disaster for Google’s image. When the Iphone got launched in 2007, it took the mobile industry by surprise, the design, the UI, the features made all the mobile companies rethink on their products. It was a revolutionary product then. Well that is the kind of phone we were expecting from Google. A huge disappointment for everyone, especially for a Google fan like myself ( I am addicted to Gmail, Greader, Google apps, Chrome, not to forget the SEARCH, Wave & translate, and am eagerly waiting for Google voice to launch in India ).

Comparison of the latest superphones by Bill Shrink still proves that all phones are pretty evenly matched and its only personal preference whether you would need multi tasking and a 5.0 pixel camera or would you like to be an apple fan boy and choose from 93,000 apps from the store for the best touch screen mobile. Well i thought comparing these phone’s never made any sense because, Iphone 3gs is 6+ months old configuration and configuration can change every week for that matter and anyways rumours are out there of Iphone 4G on its way in June and there is news of service providers upgrading their infrastructure as well. Well i expected a super brand like Google to come up  with a 4G handset at the least, now that 4G will be the future.

Nexus one wasn’t made for the future . Its a no brainer that a revolutionary gadget giant like apple would kill the nexus one with a better specs in the next Iphone. Apple’s products and ideas run years ahead of their time. To beat Apple make sure your products run well ahead of their times, else don’t even think about competing even if you are Google or Microsoft, you would just end up being mediocre. Google’s Nexus One just proved this. Don’t you think so. Feel free to drop a line, I would like to hear your thoughts.