Opera Unite- Not convincing Yet.

This morning’s news paper took me to this article by Chris. Chris Shared his views elaborately on Unite services. There’s a good amount of conversation on his site, i would recommend you to head over to his post to get more on the discussions.

I am writing a post here in detail as i could not  share all my thoughts  on his site due to lack of time.

Opera Unite is a set of services that are integrated into the browser using which one can  share files, photos,  chat with people, and better make it your web server.

These are quite interesting features you can expect to run from a browser. I tried them yesterday, and i was really excited to see the review by Chris. I have to tell you Chris, opera deserves an appreciation for such an attempt given the fact unite is still in its alpha stages and has to go a long way. Its true that all the services are implemented pretty neatly. I felt all the services offered are really not necessary for the layman at least for majority of them. The following are reasons why i think.

  1. Hosting a server on my laptop is good, but it has a long list of limitations and that is why we prefer web hosts.

  2. As for as file sharing goes,  there are a variety of options which i use already, why would i need  to use this. 

  3. With respect to other services,  If i am already using a lot of social sites (facebook, flickr, etc. where i am happy with what i am)  then why would i be interested to move everything into opera’s services. I am sure most of my friends are not on opera’s communities.


p>But there are a few things i really would like to appreciate. Opera is slowly getting that polish as browser which lacked in the previous versions. It really did not seem like an alpha experience, at least not to me trying out the browser and the service. The browser still rocks when you compare it with Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Flock, etc.