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Essentials of Life-Understanding

Essentials of Life-Understanding

Life is not always a straight line. You have to do many things to keep it going. If you forsake your understanding, your capability will be lost. Whether it’s a question of personal relationships or professional management, in both places you need understanding; otherwise, you won’t have fruitful relationships.

Sadhguru simplifies an important aspect of life i.e Understanding. You should read the entire article to get a detailed idea on how, why and to what levels you should develop your understanding abilities to lead a better life.

Opinionated Recruitment

Recruiters: Your Days Are Numbered. Seriously ?

It is quite true that

We’re already seeing signs of disruption.

For example, dedicated social recruiting tools such as BranchOut, Jobvite, and HireRabbit are shifting the responsibility of recruitment away from recruiting professionals and toward company employees, who get rewarded for connecting their networks to their employers. In effect, recruiters are being marginalized by collaborative filters within large networks of engaged users.

but am quite sure it will last at the least a decade, before the word recruiters becomes obsolete.But can it really become obselete? Nah it just can’t. Organisations can make their process easier for candidates to apply to jobs on facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other social medium. But trust me when your organisation needs a senior person (CXO, VP’s and similar), you NEED a RECRUITER, cause the potential candidates aren’t going to apply directly on any job boards or facebook. Mind that.

It is true that we as recruiters are being daily under pressure to constantly innovate new ways to reach out to potential candidates and build professional relationships as we pose threats with the social media evolution. But as long as our networks are strong and we have candidate loyalty, we will be in business.