Be More


Something that really touched me lately is this Be More Ad by O& M for Titan.

Generally I am the person you would say is very cautious of himself and hence very observant of what others are doing and especially very keen on learning from other’s mistakes. This ad just took me by surprise the first time I watched it on TV. The Script of the ad, the message and they way its presented is brilliant. Though there’s another friend here who doubts whether the ad solved its true purpose of its creation. I never before was impressed with Titan till this ad I always wished for a Seiko or a citizen, but the ad has made me consider titan as well. Though am yet not sure when I will actually buy a watch for my self.

Hope u also like it.



This time I am not writing about something that’s not hot but definitely some thing that’s very useful. I came across ALLTOP when I started subscribing to Guy Kawasaki. I always have this desire to play around with new stuff and as usual just started exploring Alltop and guess what it just ROCKS (the WebPages r very neat and interactive and to the point). The concept is pretty simple but at the same time is very useful for lazy guys like me. It saves a lot of time for me at least; I don’t search anymore for news regarding Apple or about the latest in the Browser Wars which I am most interested about nor do I need to subscribe to lots of feeds. These days I just check out on ALLTOP. BTW thinking about how Alltop works, I recollect that REVIEWGIST which came up sometime in 2007 is also pretty similar to Alltop. Reviewgist brings reviews from the top review sites about all the Gadgets to one place just like Alltop which collects all the top stories and classifies them into different subheads. But there are lots of differences with them; one among them is how they collect their data. Review gist crawls those top review sites and condenses them and delivers it to us (sorry for the raw language, I am no software geek) while Alltop imports the feeds from the top sites and they modify it and present it. But am sure the Alltop is way ahead (web2.0 stuff) in terms of its presentation and I especially love that red banner, though it was annoying initially its kind a cool now and am used to it now. So guy’s if u aren’t using any of these, both of them are my recommendations for the month.

Is Sin So bad?

It’s been two weeks since I read this article. I am still trying to imagine how India would have been if all the numbers in the Image below were not true. These numbers are not acceptable for a country like India where the tradition emphasis on discipline since birth. I am still unable to digest that fact that India spends about 3, 00,000 crores (Rs.3, 000,000,000,000- just wanted to see how big the number really looks like) in through these sin activities. These numbers mentioned in the article have left me speechless. Soon after I finished this article, I asked myself, is there a fix for this? By the way why should it be fixed at all? Aren’t these people entitled for their glass of beer, isn’t it their right if they wish for it.

Sin Country

We have to understand one thing here, these figures contribute significantly to the Indian economy, am glad that the people who like Vijay Mallya have seen it as a business opportunity and are capitalizing on the same. People don’t start arguing with me that, the way money is coming is not a healthy way and the kind of India it will create is not the one we would want to leave behind for our children. I really don’t see anything wrong in the way these are happening, (all I can is pity those who are below the poverty line and are addicted to these). These activities are not something new and happening with just the start of the westernization. Indian literature like mahabharatha, Silapathikaram have instances of most of these activities in them to prove that these are prevalent since ages, only that never was it quantified into numbers like these.

Here is my piece of advice for those who contribute to this sin economy,

Stop worrying about all these stuff and continue to be the way you are (u and I cannot change this), because I am sure, some time later in your life your doctor or the mortgage guy will be behind you.