Park Tool Chain Gang -Review

Park tool Chain Gang
Park tool Chain Gang

I was growing tired of maintaing my bikes drivetrain clean and hence, I bought the Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System from local bike store at the start of the year. Its been over 6 months now since i’ve used one and it really makes my life so easy, i couldnt resist myself from writing a review about Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System here.

Cyclone Chain Scrubber CM-5 is the most essential tool of the chain gang system and it should be atleast part of your bicyle cleaning kit if not the entire gang. The handle for the scrubber is the only thing you would need to assemble when you open the box and remove the chain gang. The handle is quite big enough to hold the scrubber in place, and just the right size to grip in your hand. The scrubber is simple to use and cleans up the chain in minutes.Just open the metal latches on both the sides, Open the lid on top, pour the Park Tool Chainbrite Chain Cleaner or the degreaser till its filled upto the marker on the scrubber, then just put the chains in between the brushes at both the ends, and close the lid and the latches. You are all set to go now, Hold the scrubber steady and spin the pedals anticlockwise a couple of times and the chain gets clean in no time. The only gripe i had is excess degreaser might flow out and drip on the floor from your chain if you arent paying attention. So just be cautious of the floor where you are cleaning the bike. I just put my bike on an old rag and then start cleaning so that i dont litter my floor. The Magnet at the bottom does an icredible job of collecting the dirt at the bottom and hence you can you the degreaser for a couple of more times with out getting the chain dirtied with the dirt already in the scrubber. I would recommend you use your own discretion on how soon you would want to change the degreaser though. Cleaning the Scrubber itself is very easy, I just soak it in some warm soap water for some time and and wash them with plain water a couple of times later. I do feel that the Park Tool Chain scrubber is much better in build quality and durability than the Finish Line Bicycle Chain Cleaner and hence worth paying the extra price.

Park Tool Chainbrite Chain Cleaner is the second most important tool of the chain gang, due to the reason that, you could always try a different degreseaser or WD-40 anytime. It is as good as any other degreaser out there and is definitely worth using on a daily basis. It doesnt dry up off the chain if you dont wipe it off, but it does have a good lemon(citrus) smell to it which I like. If you would want something to dry off soon, this might not be the degreaser you are looking for.

Park Tool Gear Cleaning Brush is more of a good to have tool, than an essential one, but it definitely is a worthy tool to have. The bristles are hard enough to get dirt out of the sprockets and the curved handle reaches near impossible places to remove to dirt.

In all the Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System has been a huge time saver for me so far. Buying products made by Park tool means they are durable and crafted with thought to very minute detail to help the user. I can vouch for the products reliability and durability inspite of the premium pricing. I would rather use pay a premium and use the product longer than keep buying replacements every year.

If you ride your bike daily and you are obssessed with cleanliness Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System is a must have, even more so for the casual user who is too busy to ride in the first place. Besides the Chain gang is steal deal rather than buying each of these tools seperately.