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Podcasts I listen-2020

My friend Aditya wrote this post on the podcasts he listens and inspired me to list down my own podcasts. I listen to a lot of them and have been for years now, maybe since getting my first iPhone in 2010. I have pruned the lists a bunch of times after overloads and yet I have so many of them. Here is a list of them. 

As I write, I have subscriptions to about 20 podcasts, but not all of them are regular publishers, and I don’t listen to all of them consistently. So I am just listing a few that I think everyone can try.

  1. Akimbo Podcast: A podcast by Seth Godin. I think that is more than enough introduction to subscribe to it. Yes, it is totally worth it.
  2. Accidental Tech podcast: A podcast with a developers perspective on the Apple eco sytem, tech, cars and anything in the host’s lives.
  3. Distributed podcast:Podcast show hosted by my company’s CEO. Totally recommended if you are looking at ways to improve your company by decentralising it.
  4. Hurry Slowly: A podcast on pacing yourself by Jocelyn K glei.
  5. IRL by Mozilla: A podcast by Manoush Zomorodi on privacy for the internetizens. There haven’t been any episodes lately, but their archives are still a treasure trove about online privacy.
  6. The talk show by Gruber. Gruber’s take on Apple and tech.
  7. The Tim Ferris show by Tim Ferris. This isn’t everyone’s favourite, but I seem to be enjoying it for the most part.

Besides these, I am trying WorkLife with Adam grant. I have listened to about 5 episodes and I am liking it so far. Maybe it is a keeper.

BTW I also subscribed to Seen and the Unseen by Amit Varma and have been enjoying it so far. This was a recommendation from Aditya and I am thankful to him for writing about this podcast.

Do you have any recommendations I am missing here?

One thought on “Podcasts I listen-2020

  1. We have a few overlaps there! Distributed, The Tim Ferriss Show, and Hurry Slowly. I pick episodes selectively and don’t listen to everything.

    I also listen to https://rework.fm/ from the folks at Basecamp and love it!

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