Self discipline and Success

Since the day i stumbled upon the TED site, I have been a fan of TED. People who talk at TED are really exceptional and they have made it on TED because of their intellect and ideas. I really appreciate every one of them who have presented there for sharing their knowledge and making everybody wiser.

I recently got to watch Mr. Joachim on this nice interesting video. What he speaks about is  really very simple, something we know about. Not all of  us realize it often and capitalise with it.Well he speaks about self discipline.  I would say self discipline is all about yourself and you fail at it you loose in life and the best part is you can’t blame anyone else for it but your self. I feel self control and self discipline are not two different things. The more you have control over your self the more you can groom your self. The take from the video is “the more disciplined you are the better are the chances for success”. I really enjoyed the video hope you will too. Head over to Ted Talks and keep checking them for more thought provoking Talks. BTW a big hats off to team TED!

You can download the video from here.

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