Show hidden files in Mac-Alfred Workflow

Coming from the Windows world to the Mac, small things like viewing hidden files could be very daunting on the mac. Thanks to Ian Lunn, I did manage to figure out how to do it. As he advised, I did create an Alias for showing and hiding the hidden files and I was quite happy for a while until it got annoying for me to keep typing the keywords “showFiles” and “hideFiles” in the terminal. This morning I decided to automate this using an Alfred Workflow and inturn learn how an Alfred Workflow is created.
Before I began I just wanted to check there weren’t any that were already doing what I wanted. How dumb of me to think if one existed, you ask. Yeah I was dumb 🙂 . There indeed is a Workflow that does exactly what I wanted to do. I just download the Workflow and it works great. My efforts to create a new Workflow have to wait for a while now 🙁 , but I am glad I found a very nice Workflow.

You can download the Workflow directly from here. Just configure the hotkeys in the Workflow and you are good to go. My hotkeys are ‘Option+Cmd + S’ to show hidden files and ‘Option+Cmd + H’ to hide the files back again. Feel free to choose hotkeys of your choice. Thanks to Andrea Busi for the nice Workflow.