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iPhone 5 Available in India Starting 3rd Nov

Just got an email from the Imagine Store saying the iPhone 5 will be available in India Starting tomorrow. Its Official Now see for yourself. iphone 5 now available If you are not aware of whats new in the iPhone 5, find more details here just check out the comparison here. For those eager iphone 5 enthusiats, please head to the imagine store near you to check out the iPhone 5 in person. The 16Gb iPhone 5 will be starting at INR 45,500. Or you can order one sitting at home from here

Gevey Sim in India

It’s been a week since I got the Gevey SIM and now I can safely say that it works. Yes I am talking about the Iphone4 Unlock solution using the Gevey SIM . I got hold of a Gevey Sim from e-bay last week, and it works just fine. So for those who have doubts, you are safe to try it.  Let me tell you that I am running on iOs 4.3 with baseband 4.10. 1  and it works with Cellone.  With the MicroSIM  on iPhone I don’t have the liberty to try other networks. IMG_0954IMG_0955 I am sure it definitely works on iOs 4.1 as I upgraded to 4.3.2 yesterday. Really delighted to get my phone working after a couple of months of using it as an iPod Sad smile.  I have not lost any calls and 3G works fine as well with data roaming on. The instructions that come along with the Gevey SIM are very clear and easy to follow. I have linked a video  here just in case you needed more assistance.  So go ahead guys try the Gevey SIM for yourself if u are struck with a locked iPhone 4.