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Gevey Sim in India

It’s been a week since I got the Gevey SIM and now I can safely say that it works. Yes I am talking about the Iphone4 Unlock solution using the Gevey SIM . I got hold of a Gevey Sim from e-bay last week, and it works just fine. So for those who have doubts, you are safe to try it.  Let me tell you that I am running on iOs 4.3 with baseband 4.10. 1  and it works with Cellone.  With the MicroSIM  on iPhone I don’t have the liberty to try other networks. IMG_0954IMG_0955 I am sure it definitely works on iOs 4.1 as I upgraded to 4.3.2 yesterday. Really delighted to get my phone working after a couple of months of using it as an iPod Sad smile.  I have not lost any calls and 3G works fine as well with data roaming on. The instructions that come along with the Gevey SIM are very clear and easy to follow. I have linked a video  here just in case you needed more assistance.  So go ahead guys try the Gevey SIM for yourself if u are struck with a locked iPhone 4.

6 thoughts on “Gevey Sim in India

  1. hey that is such good news ….i am on the same ios version and baseband version ….and i am stuck too…it will be really helpful to know from where did u buy the gevey sim? and at what cost?…..it will really help me others….also let us know from where u are??….microsims are available with vodafone and airtel as well…did somebody try them with gevey sim …Please help….u can help somebody get their iphone 4 working!!! 😀

  2. Manwant,
    I got the Gevey sim from Ebay for 40 USD, got it shipped to Bangalore through a friend. I havent tried a Microsim Yet. I use the standard SIM from BSNL.

  3. I have been using the Gevey SIM in bangalore and with Vodafone. I have not got in to major troubles till last week. But when i have activated my Edge connection then it gives issues..often u see the Edge connection (E symbol) go away, and if u try switching it on in the settings it doesn;t come. And everytime u need to restart the phone, that involves restarting our Gevey process..and becos of this the gevey process also fails ..so i need to switchof the 3G option in settings and then restart, latch on the network as per Gevey process and then switch on 3G

  4. you said u spend 40$ on gevey sim……but which type???? turbo or supreme pro??? cozz i sell gevey sims too….i feel you spent way too much on this……

    1. Hey Prash
      Thanks for checking my site, I have the Turbo and it’s been more than 8 months since I have been using the gevey, in fact I bought it when it first launched, considering prices are always high during the launch, I got a decent deal.


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