Generosity of perspective

Luckily, things like icons, colors, and typography are easier to iterate than userflows, information architecture, and features. They’re also the elements that take more time than expected to craft, so I can see all of these refinements being the most likely to be cut from a tight deadline, and the first up to be revisited […]


You should watch the video if you haven’t watched the live stream or the video. If you can’t spare the time then you must at least spend a few minutes at the Apple site. Its all out there, but I would still recommend the video though. Why? First time ever the stage felt that Apple […]

Space between the notes

Growing up iOS needs to mature to continue to innovate. When that happens, it probably won’t look entirely new, just like another small step forward. It won’t be flashy, and pundits will cry fail, but that’s also how you’ll know Apple is doing something right. I want iOS to grow up. I want it to […]