On The Edge!



wwdc_2013 You should watch the video if you haven’t watched the live stream or the video. If you can’t spare the time then you must at least spend a few minutes at the Apple site. Its all out there, but I would still recommend the video though. Why? First time ever the stage felt that Apple didn’t miss Steve Job’s on the stage, that’s why. It wasn’t a perfect event, not even by apple’s standard leave alone Steve’s Standard, but they pulled it off without the audience missing Steve. Lots of announcements that would be the fodder for magazines, blogs and news sites for the coming weeks, but the good thing is, we the customers of apple get to benefit the most out of it. Some how Apple has been the only company that makes you feel, yes this is how it should have been done all long, why didn’t we do it this way earlier. Be it the safari redesign with reading list sidebar or OS wide tagging in OS X, or the control center in iOS 7 or new moments and collection in photos app or AirDrop in iOS 7, they almost make it so perfect its hard to imagine anything beyond that, and yet Apple keeps improving them year after year. Its true that there will be a lot of reviews and blogs ranting how iOS 7 is a rip off of android and web OS etc etc. Yet we also need to understand that doing something is as important as doing things right and Apple has abilities to do both and this time they are inclined to do the right things.

In all, this WWDC is a slap at the face of all those who said Apple’s innovation has faltered and they are in decline etc etc. After watching the video, i just cant wait to have iOS 7 on my iphone 5, guess we have to wait till fall.