LinkedIn's Direction

Ben Evans on LinkedIn Now, I entirely understand that the LinkedIn business model is to sell my CV to recruiters, not give me useful tools to manage my network. I also understand that all the mediocre me-too news-aggregation is a way to try to get me to spend more time on the site, rather than […]

Linkedin EveryWhere– Few thoughts

LinkedIn has been creating a lot of buzz  lately  for all the good reasons which could only be good for the web.  Be it their first announcement of quarterly results after being public or be it with subtle changes like profile makeover  or advertise yourself/firm feature or  the new  Apply with LinkedIn button. All of […]

Extensive Search on Linkedin

Recruitment being my profession, I am always on the lookout for improving myself at it.  If you are a recruiter yourself you would know how important the tool LinkedIn is for you to connect with those passive professionals out there who might be interested in exploring the opportunity you have at hand.  Sadly not everybody […]