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Extensive Search on Linkedin

Recruitment being my profession, I am always on the lookout for improving myself at it.  If you are a recruiter yourself you would know how important the tool LinkedIn is for you to connect with those passive professionals out there who might be interested in exploring the opportunity you have at hand.  Sadly not everybody gets to use the premium version of the LinkedIn.   For people with little options, the best way is to utilize the tool to the maximum possible. Since search is among the key aspects, I was looking to exploit the search  feature in LinkedIn. The Basic search and the Boolean search was something that was easy to figure out. I was looking for more ways to exploit search, and I ended up into their tutorial sections here.  The page is an extensive documentation of the searches which can be performed on LinkedIn.  Reference search and search by operator’s were the key learning’s to me. I’ll just mention the operator’s here for your quick reference. If you are a beginner trying to use LinkedIn searches I suggest you head to the linked page and do a detailed study.

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