Testing Markdown and HTML posting via EMAIL

<p>The workflow i am trying here is to compose in markdown on <a href=”www.markdownpad.com”>Markdownpad</a> and just export the HTML into email and send it to my secret email id that will publish the post on my <a href=”www.wordpress.com”>wordpress.com</a> blog. If this works the steps for recommendation would be as follows.</p>


<li>Compose in Markdown on your favorite writing tool.</li>

<li>Export/copy the content from the editor in HTML.</li>

<li>Use a client like outlook or thunderbird or gmail etc and email it to your secret id which is provided to you by wordpress.com</li>

<li>You should get the confirmation email from wordpress acknowledging your post being published on the site.</li>


<p><img src=”http://en.support.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/pbe-3.jpg” alt=”Enabling email publishing on wordpress” /></p>

<p>Hope this works.</p>


Update:- That failed pretty badly with parsing the HTML pretty badly and rendered the entire markup as text :(. Email posting worked well except for the HTML parsing. So need to find a better workflow.

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