the google rodeo

I have a serious problem with Google. This is a difficult statement to make, because I don’t think there is one Google. The company is so large, and spans so many interests, that to say something as vapid as “Google is evil” does not adequately portray how complex and sprawling the Google system is. There is a Google that drives exciting, fascinating innovation — such as that in wearable computing, automation, big data, cartography. There is a Google that supports and nurtures research and thinking into distributed systems, cloud computing, and the practice of software engineering. There is the Google that hires scientists, engineers, designers, and my friends and supplies them with a pleasant environment for them to do their very best work. Ultimately, there is the Google that reports finances to shareholders — the Google that is concerned with making a profit. Google is an advertising company.

Very interesting take on Google and I completely agree with him and i, rather we share a lot of the same concerns with Google.

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