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The new commute!

Going green for the commute and local errands starting today 😁.  I picked up this Pure fix bike yesterday from Cycling station (Bangalore) for local errands. Looks pretty rad in person than in the pics.  Got a good deal on the  used bike and picked it instantly.

I have always wanted ride a fixie after learning about the bulldog. It has been a long wait to own one, but I have no regrets whatsoever now. It is a sweet ride and am super cautious on the road with the fixie, as I am still getting used to it. 

I am yet to name it, so name suggestions are welcome 😁. 

One thought on “The new commute!

  1. Nice fixie! I’ve seen a few but never rode one. Now with reckless drivers in Dhaka roads, and having been injured pretty badly once, I’m not going to ride one either. But this one looks pretty cool. Here’s a wild suggestion coming out of nowhere: Saru’s Fixie – Sixie. 😆

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