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Thirty Minutes a day for Self Improvement

Thirty Minutes a day

Thirty minutes a day is a great idea for doing anything worthwhile in your life.Please read the post linked if you haven’t already. It could be self improvement,picking up a new skill, learning a new language, working on a business idea etc. You just have to decide to spend 30 minutes doing it, and make it into a habit. I am convinced that this would be among the best things to happen in your life if you do it right.

The article reminded me of Sadhguru‘s talk, where he said

what life are you living if you dont have 30 minutes to your self each day

to make yourself a better man. That talk has made a mark on my mind ever since I heard it. I’ve always tried to put it to practice, but every time I have failed. The post Thirty Minutes a day is a reminder for me get back to trying it harder and making it a habit. Am sure I will make it a habit this time by following 30 days to make a habit

Have you ever tried something like this before? Feel free to share your thoughts.