On The Edge!


Where are we headed?

Where are we headed

Somehow it takes a lot more effort to stay off the ever addictive Internet than what we think is required. I am addicted to the Internet, as you can see here, the use of internet has grown into an unconscious habit now that, off the Internet for a couple of hours seems like my arms are broken. We haven’t been so connected and informative as today, but still life existed and people were happy in the past too, but still staying off the Internet feels like a sin. The Internet as good as it is, still virtual and can’t replace replace reality. The more I try to stay off the Internet, the more tempted I get to, use it. I can sure tell from me experience @goa. There forget data I had issues making calls. So a balance would be more than fantastic. Probably for the next 30 days to try something I will try to cut down on my Internet habits.