Google Glass now OPEN-Source

Now I am very convinced that this a pet project that Google doesn’t care about in terms of making money out of it. Google makes two types of products, one for themselves to make money out of and the other just to disrupt or balance out the market and make end users their product for their advertisements. Google directly makes money out of Google apps, Google search, Youtube, etc. Their other products(Open Source) such as Android, Chromium, WebM etc are just out there with a reason claiming a reason of giving back to the community, but in reality Open source is the key word they use to conceal their inabilities to create a success story out of the product and there by asking the world to make it better and a success. Can’t Google make their own hardware with a partnership and sell just Google phones? No, clearly that won’t succeed against apple at the same rate as android has grown over the past couple of years with the support of Samsung,LG,HTC,Motorola,Sony etc. Same is the case with Chrome/ WebM. It will be the case with Google Glass as well. Google Chrome, Android are out there to show and market Google’s products and Ads to End users like us. Its a yet another platform for making us the product. Now with Google Glass “Open Sourced” the entire geek community is now going to tweak Google Glass and make it even better in turn making the adoption a little more evident, without which it would just disappear like the Google phone(oops had forgotten it was called Nexus) in oblivion.

When the Google glasses hits the market I predict it will just be mediocre and have similar sales figures like the Google Nexus. It just won’t be a revolutionary product like the iPad.