Reeder gets Feedbin support.

Reeder is still my most used app on the iphone and I am delighted to see the new update from Silvio on friday. The iphone app got updated to version 3.1. The new update is really significant for users who were primarily using reeder to sync with google reader. We all know Google Reader is shutting down in July. Infact I made sure my reader is backed up with feedly just in case I am left with nothing to sync after july. I was always curious to see what silvio would do with reeder, given not many users would be keen on hosting their own feed sync server and it would be really dumb to just give up the app development because google stopped syncing.

This Reeder app update features an alternate sync support from Feedbin. Since feedbin is a $2 per month paid sync support, Reeder will also work as a standalone/local feed aggregator. So you can choose for paying to sync or you can continue to use Reeder as a stand alone app with no sync across device after Reader gets shutdown in July.

Though this update is not the perfect solution for the lack of free syncing of feeds, I must say this is definitely a step forward at least something is better than nothing. I purchased Fever and have fever server ready that I can use when google reader is no more,but not everybody is inclined to pay for Syncing. With 3 more months in hand, I still expect Silvio to look for a free sync service that can sync with Reeder or atleast come up with using icloud and make sure Reeder syncs across iPhone, iPad and Mac.